12 Days of Christmas!

Holiday Presents

Check back next year for our 12 Days of Christmas specials!


We will feature a different drip or booster every day for 12 days leading up to Christmas! Book your appointment now to come in and take advantage of the special drip you want to get!   Spaces are limited each day and will fill up fast!

12/21 (Mon) - The Hulk $99

12/22 (Tues)- Optimum Blend  $175 

12/23 (Wed)- $50 off any IV $125 or higher!

12/24-12/25 Closed for the Holiday!

Spots are limited each day for the above listed discounts.  Please schedule an appointment online or give us a call.

Not valid with any other discounts.  May pre-purchase 1 of each service for future use.  Pre-Purchased services may be redeemed on or after 12/26. Don't miss out!  You can pre-purchase a future deal, but once a date has passed for a special it will no longer be available for purchase.  Gift cards cannot be used on specials

Purchase online by clicking the link below!

Thinking about that perfect gift idea?  Purchase a gift card online or in-store!


 Gift card specials

Buy $100 in gift cards, get a FREE $20 booster shot 

Buy $250 in gift cards, get a FREE $45 Booster shot

Buy $500 in gift cards, get a FREE Optimum Blend or NAD IV drip! 

Gift cards cannot be redeemed until 12/26/20.  Gift Cards cannot be redeemed on any packages, specials, or membership fees.