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After Party IV Drip


What's inside

Get instant hangover relief with our Hangover IV Infusion!

Key Ingredients:

-Hydrating IV fluid with electrolytes

- Blend of B vitamins to help reduce hangover symptoms



This Hangover IV drip is known as our Hangover Cure! The blend of vitamins and hydration will help reverse the nasty hangover symptoms, such as nausea/headache/upset stomach OR prevent one.  You'll be back on your feet in no time.

Who is it good for?

Our Hangover IV Drip is great for:

-Hangover Cure

-To prevent a hangover

-Food poisoning recovery

-Hydration after a day in the sun

Recommended Add-0ns

-Glutathione $20+ (helps break down alcohol)

-Taurine $15 (helps reverse liver damage, break down alcohol, and flush out toxins)

-Extra Hydration  $25-$35

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