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Athletic Recovery IV Therapy


What's inside

The perfect blend of aminos, vitamins, and minerals known for muscle building and repair


Key Ingredients:

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Vitamin C to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce stress

-Blend of B vitamins for energy

-Blend of  7 different Aminos to help enhance athletic performance, improve stamina, and repair muscles

*Not all vitamins listed


You train like an athlete, why not give your body what it needs to recover like one?  Our Athletic Recovery vitamin IV therapy assists with maintaining and rebuilding muscle while providing the hydration you need to flush out lactic acid, prevent muscle soreness and help get you back in the gym!

Who is it good for?

-As a recovery method after a marathon, competition, or strenuous workout

-As a preventative method before a grueling workout

-While training for any athletic event

Recommended Add-0ns

-Glutathione $20+ (Reduces oxidative stress, boosts immune system, provides mental clarity, detoxifies cells, and improves skin)

-Extra Hydration (Flush out lactic acid) $25- $35


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