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B12 Injection

Pack of 4 B12 shots for $64

What's inside

We only use Methylcobalamin for our B12 injections, the most natural and active form of B12.

Most over the counter supplements and B12 injections contain the synthetic and lower quality Cyanocobalmin which contains a cyanide molecule and requires multiple steps in your body to convert it to the active form of B12!



Most people consume food that contains the vitamin B12, but they are unable to absorb it and benefit from B12 when taken orally.  One injection of our B12 shot is enough to last you for an entire week!

B12 shots have been shown to increase red blood cell production which reduces anemia, help with depression, improve mood and decrease irritability, increase metabolism, prevent memory loss, and improve concentration and mental function.

Who is it good for?

B12 shots are great for:

-Chronic Fatigue


-Boosting metabolism

-Regulating mood

-Repairing nerves

-Decrease symptoms of fibromyalgia

-Vegans and vegetarians as B12 is not found in plant based foods


-Crohn's disease, Celiac disease, or post bariatric surgery

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