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High Dose Vitamin C IV Therapy


What's inside

Key Ingredients:

- Our highest doses of Vitamin C IV (25grams and higher) to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and reduce oxidative stress

-This service is reserved for clients with cancer, viral illness, and lyme disease.  Please check out our Super Immunity IV drip if you do not have the above.


Super charge your immune system with our high dose Vitamin C IV.  High Dose Vitamin C IV therapy is one of the best antiviral agents.

Vitamin C in high doses has been shown to help alleviate negative symptoms of chemotherapy, improves appetite, helps the body heal faster, improves the response to cancer therapies.

*In order to receive our 25 grams-50grams of vitamin C, you must have a recent CBC and G6PD lab test result*

Who is it good for?

Recommended Add-0ns

-Vitamin D3 Injection $25 (Boost immune system)

-Extra fluid- high doses of vitamin C can be very dehydrating!

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