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Anti-Aging Benefits

Neuroregenerative Benefits

Booster Shot -$65

What's inside

Key Ingredients:


Don't have 2 hours for the IV?  Try our intramuscular booster shot!


Considered the new "Fountain of Youth", NAD+ IV therapy helps repair damaged DNA, increase energy, decrease inflammation, improve mental clarity, and helps to reverse the aging process.

For more information regarding NAD+ IV Therapy and how it can benefit you, please see our blog post 

Who is it good for?

-NAD+ IV therapy is perfect for anyone who wants to reverse the daily stresses of life, decrease inflammation, repair damaged cells,  improve energy and mental function, or to help you look & feel younger!

What to expect

-This IV drip could take up to 2 hours

-Some may experience mild discomfort with NAD+ IV therapy such as nausea, headache, or chest tightness.  These symptoms decrease with a slower infusion rate.  Our highly trained Registered Nurses will closely monitor you for any discomfort during your NAD+ infusion

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