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Pain Buster IV Drip


What's inside

Key Ingredients:

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Magnesium to assist with inflammation, decrease pain, relieve sore muscles

-Blend of B vitamins to reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety

-Amino Acid blend to help promote collagen production for healing and relieve soreness

*Not all vitamins listed


Naturally reduce inflammation and pain with hydrating fluids and vitamins.  This IV drip blend helps to alleviate both chronic and acute pain due to muscular and joint pain.

Who is it good for?

-To reduce chronic inflammation

-To reduce muscle soreness

-Alleviate stress and anxiety

-Promote wound healing and collagen production

Recommended Add-0ns

-Glutathione - powerful antioxidant to decrease inflammation

-Vitamin D3 shot $25 (helps decrease joint pain)

-CoQ10 shot $25 (reduces oxidative stress, protects the heart and brain and decreases migraine frequency)

-Extra Hydration  $25- $35

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