Gainesville's First IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Lounge Showcased on WCJB
  • Revival IV Lounge

Gainesville's First IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy Lounge Showcased on WCJB

Updated: Jun 2, 2018

Revival IV Lounge was featured on ABC Channel 20!

Televised: Thu 10:55 PM, Jan 25, 2018

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) - A new business is hoping to help 'revive' its customers. Revival IV Lounge is set to be Gainesville's first IV vitamin infusion therapy lounge.

Nichole Pogue, the lounge's owner, said she got the idea from visiting other IV centers around the state. Pogue said the lounge is a way for people to get vitamins and stay hydrated. "Dehydration is really a key point in a lot of symptoms people see," Pogue said. "Fatigue irritability, cravings, hunger, so coming in for a little boost of vitamins would really help with all of that." Revival offers multiple drips that they say gives varying results like an energy boost, fat loss, and stress relief. The IVs will be administered by registered nurses and paramedics.

"We want to make this a fun relaxing type environment and I feel like this is something people would want to come and do with their friends," Pogue said. "That makes it a funs experience as well to share with your friends, your partner, your significant other." IV drips vary in price from $85 to $175. The lounge is set to open this weekend.


Lake Mary 

(407) 878-2173

1125 TownPark Ave, #1051

Located in Colonial Town Plaza

(between Woofgang and Pristine Nails)


M-F 10-6

Sat/Sun 10-4

Oviedo-Opening 4/3

(407) 401-8241 (Call or text)

1807 E. Broadway

Located in the Riverside Publix Plaza

Waterford Lakes

Opening Summer 2020

Located in the Waterford Lakes Town Center

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