Revival IV Interviewed by The Gainesville Sun!
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Revival IV Interviewed by The Gainesville Sun!

Area’s first IV lounge set to boost tired patrons

By Daniel Smithson / Staff writer

Posted Dec 18, 2017 at 12:13 PM

A new business coming to Gainesville wants to help revive customers, whether it be after a rigorous workout, a nasty stomach bug or a night on the town in which they funneled too many beers.

Revival IV Lounge, 3300 SW Archer Road, Suite 110, will become Gainesville’s first IV infusion therapy lounge once it opens in late January or early February. Like other infusion therapy centers seen across the country, Revival IV Lounge offers “drips,” which are IV-administered fluids that contain vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other active ingredients.

The different drips offered by the lounge promise customers energy boosts, faster muscle repair, fat loss, stress relief, along with increased hydration and other specialized customer needs, owner Nichole Pogue said. “It sounds kind of weird saying like ‘Let me just go get an IV in me and get some fluids,’” Pogue said. “But studies show 75 percent of Americans are chronically dehydrated and dehydration affects everything.”

Pogue said the lounge, which will be outfitted with recliners and a large television, will have a relaxing and inviting spa-type atmosphere — not a typical doctor’s office setting. In fact, Pogue said she will market the lounge’s services toward group sessions, inviting customers to kick back and stay awhile. Pogue said she sees the lounge’s drips helping prepare bachelor or bachelorette parties for nights out on the town.

One liter of fluids pumped into the bloodstream is the equivalent of drinking two liters of water, she said, and it’d help them avoid a hangover. Or it could potentially host a sororitiy’s television show-viewing party, Pogue said. “I know a lot of girls like to watch The Bachelor together,” she said. “They can get a drip, bring a bottle of wine and watch The Bachelor.” The lounge will also have private rooms, she added.

The lounge’s 11 drips vary in price from around $85 to $175, depending on what’s in them. The ingredients come from FDA-accredited pharmacies and suppliers, Pogue said. “Hydration 101,” its most basic drip, is marketed for those wanting to recover from jetlag or a sporting event and customers preparing for a day of tailgating. Its “Revive Me!” drip — an alternative to saltine crackers, Gatorade and Tylenol — hydrates hungover customers and flushes their system with anti-nausea and anti-inflammatory medication. The “Energizer” drip, with its B vitamins and Vitamin C, is said to boost energy. And its “MVP” drip, which contains magnesium, B vitamins and amino acids, promotes faster workout recovery. Pogue said she hopes to eventually partner her services with local gyms.

Because the drips’ vitamins and minerals are inserted into the bloodstream and aren’t filtered through the stomach and other organs, customers absorb 100 percent of them, Pogue said, instead of 30 to 40 percent they’d get when taking them orally. A typical first visit to the lounge, Pogue said, will consist of some paperwork and a nurse evaluation. The IV infusion, which Pogue said only feels like slight pressure with numbing cream, takes around 40 minutes to an hour.

Pogue, a nurse anesthetist, said the IVs will be inserted by registered nurses supervised by a medical director. Though she’s marketing some of her drips toward a drinking crowd, Pogue clarfied that her business is not promoting binge drinking but better overall health — something she’s passionate about. The University of Florida graduate said she spotted a mobile clinic offering IV-infusion services while traveling once and thought she’d combine her passions with her skills and bring one to Gainesville. Pogue added that the lounge is hiring registered nurses and emphasized that the drips are not designed to cure any illnesses.

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