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Pre/Post Op IV Drip


What's inside

Key Ingredients:

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Arginine to improve blood flow and help with would healing

-Vitamin C to increase collagen production and reduce inflammation

-Proline to boost collagen production and improve healing

-Glutathione to help with inflammation and detoxify cells


*Not all vitamins listed 


Our Pre/Post OP IV drip was formulated to help boost vitamin levels to prepare and recover from surgery.  This proprietary vitamin IV drip will help decrease inflammation, speed up healing, hydrate, and detoxify cells

Who is it good for?

-To prepare for surgery

-To reduce inflammation and hydrate post surgery

-Improve wound healing post surgery

-Recovery from bariatric surgery

Recommended Add-0ns

- Extra Glutathione $20+ (Reduces oxidative stress, boosts immune system, provides mental clarity, detoxifies cells, and improves skin)

-NAD Injection $65 (Powerful co-enzyme that repairs damaged cells)

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