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Revitalizer IV Drip


What's inside

Tired of spending money on  creams that don't work? Our proprietary blend of  16 different vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants will give you the beauty boost you've been searching for!

Key Ingredients:

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Biotin to strengthen hair, skin, and nails

-Vitamin C to increase collagen production

-Glutathione to brighten the skin, fade sun spots, assist with detox


Our anti-aging vitamin IV therapy restores your youthful glow and gets you feeling young again. Packed with powerful nutrients known to help lighten the skin, fade sun damage and increase collagen production.  This hydrating IV therapy will have you receiving compliments on your beautiful, glowing skin in no time!

Also check out our Glutathione IV Push to help with detox and skin repair!

No time for an IV? Try our Beauty Boost Shot

Who is it good for?

-To improve dull or dry skin

-To help fade sun spots

-As a beauty boost before a big event, such as a wedding or night out

-To give your hair, skin, and nails a boost

Recommended Add-0ns

-Extra Glutathione $20+ (Reduces oxidative stress, boosts immune system, provides mental clarity, detoxifies cells, and improves skin)

-Extra Vitamin C $10+ (Boost immune system, assist with collagen production)

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