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Vitamin IV Drip & IV Hydration Therapy FAQs

  • Do you accept Insurance?
    We do not accept health insurance, but we can accept Health savings (HSA) and Flexible Spending (FSA) accounts!
  • Where do the vitamins come from?
    All of our vitamins are sourced from 503b FDA approved compounding pharmacies here in the United States.
  • Who administers the vitamin IV therapy and vitamin shots?
    We only have licensed Registered Nurses on staff in our physician supervised wellness lounge. Prior to any service, our nurse or nurse practitioner will go over any allergies you may have and your medical history. We will then make our recommendation on an appropriate vitamin IV drip therapy or booster shot. Our nurse will start your IV while your IV drip is being prepared by the nurse practitioner or nurse on staff for the day. All of our Vitamin IV therapies and vitamin booster shots are prepared under a laminar flow hood to maintain sterility.
  • Who can benefit from IV therapy and IV hydration?
    Anyone! Whether you want to be proactive with your health, have a chronic illness, are traveling soon, suffering from a hangover/food poisoning, trying to shed a few pounds, or trying to recover from a workout, we’ve got a vitamin drip for that!
  • Who can not receive IV treatments?
    Vitamin IV therapy is safe and effective for all ages. We provide free consultations to discuss your medical history and goals prior to receiving any services. At this time we do not provide services to women who are pregnant.
  • What is IV therapy and does it hurt?
    An IV will be inserted by a registered nurse or paramedic in order to administer essential nutrients directly into your bloodstream. It is customized based on your medical history and specific needs. The process is completely safe and pain-free. We even have numbing spray! There is no needle in your arm, instead it is a very small, thin, plastic tubing. You will still have full movement of your arm to use your phone, browse social media, or change the channel on our large screen TV! After IV therapy, you can anticipate feeling more energetic with an overall increased sense of well-being.
  • Why vitamin IV therapy when I already take a multivitamin?
    Did you know that most people only absorb 20-30% of what they ingest when it comes to oral vitamins? We try and eat healthy, but our environment has become so toxic that we aren’t getting the amount of vitamins from food that we need. Utilizing IV therapy allows the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to bypass the gut, providing 100% absorption and immediate use by your body. Add that with the benefits of IV hydration and it's a win-win situation!
  • I’m not sick, dehydrated, or hungover...Why do I need this?
    We believe in optimal health and preventing disease. Your body needs maintenance just like your car! Keeping your immune system strong and your vitamin levels high allows your body to fight off disease. Our vitamins and antioxidants also have anti-aging benefits and help keep cells healthy!
  • How often can I receive vitamin IV therapy?
    There is no exact answer to this as everyone responds differently. Some may benefit from an initial weekly vitamin infusion while others may be fine with one a quarter. Our IV therapy protocols and vitamin injections were formulated by physicians and pharmacists to ensure their safety and effectiveness. Only water soluble vitamins are used, so the body absorbs what it needs and excretes the rest. We recommend IV therapy when you feel the need to boost your energy levels, prior to surgery or travel, hangover recovery, had a hard workout or just want to be proactive with your health.
  • How long does it take?
    Anticipate your first IV therapy appointment to take about an hour. This will include paperwork, IV insertion, and relaxing in our recliners while receiving your vitamin IV infusion. All subsequent visits should have you out in less than an hour. Our vitamin booster shots can be done in less than 10 minutes!
  • Do I need an appointment?
    We prefer for you to book an appointment in advance, but we do accept walk ins!
  • How do I schedule an appointment?
    Fill out our online booking form to schedule the day and time you'd like to visit. OR ​ Call (407) 878-2173 to schedule an appointment directly with one of our medical professionals.
  • Where are you located?
    Our Lake Mary IV therapy office is located in the Colonial Town Park Plaza right off of I-4 at the H.E Thomas Parkway exit. We are in between Woof Gang Dog spa and Pristine nails. Our address is 1125 TownPark Ave, #1051, Lake Mary, FL 32746. We are in the plaza with the Movie theater, Publix, Dexter's, etc. Our Oviedo IV therapy office is located in the Riverside Publix Plaza in Oviedo at 1807 E. Broadway St, Oviedo, FL 32746 Our Waterford Lakes IV therapy office is located in the Waterford Lakes Shopping Plaza. We are in the back of the plaza, by Bright Now dental, Slap Fish and LA Fitness. Our address is 787 N. Alafaya Trail, Orlando, FL 32828 Our Orlando IV therapy office is located near downtown Orlando in the Colonial plaza behind Total Wine and next to Orange Theory. Our address is 2714 E. Colonial Dr. #300, Orlando, FL 32803
  • What if I need to come outside the normal hours?
    It is possible we can provide services outside of our normal business hours. Send us an email at to see about setting up an appointment.
  • Should I consult my doctor first?
    Our IV infusions are elective, so it’s not required to have a doctor’s note prior to your appointment. You are welcome to consult with your primary care physician, our medical director, or one of our Nurse Practioners, if you have any questions.
  • Is it legal for athletes?
    While many of our clients are athletes, if you are sponsored or have concerns we advise that you check with your coach, sponsor or governing body before treatment.
  • Can IV Infusion Therapy help me with Lyme Disease?
    Yes, most often it can. IV nutritional therapies deliver vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other micro-nutrients directly into the blood stream. This direct method, bypassing the digestive system, delivers a high level of nutrients directly to the body’s cells. IV therapy for lyme disease can benefit those when diet and/or oral supplements do not work alone. In chronic Lyme disease, IV nutritional therapy can improve: energy, decrease pain, aid the immune system, repair cell and nerve injury, support detoxification, and reverse Herxheimer die-off reactions.
  • Do you have a booster shot or IV therapy for...?
    Have something in mind, but don't see it on our list? We can customize any IV therapy to each individual. Send us an email at or give us a call.
  • I have a question not answered here
    We always welcome walk ins or phone calls with any additional questions. Not all questions can be answered by phone, such as which service should I get, how often do I need this, etc, without an initial in person FREE consultation. If you have additional questions you can reach us by email: or by phone at 407-878-2173
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