Can IV Therapy bring back your sex life?nDid you know hydration status and vitamin deficiencies can affect your libido and mood?  There are many one time solutions out there to help boost your drive.  At Revival IV Lounge, our goal is to naturally address the cause and help provide a long term solution.  Our newest IV drip, The Hulk, will help bring the love back into your life!nn

The goal of this IV drip is to help increase blood flow, increase stamina, and improve mood with a variety of antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. Below are some of the key ingredients in our libido enhancing IV drip found at Revival IV Lounge.

Arginine– One of the biggest benefits of this amino acid is its ability to improve blood flow and circulation.  It helps to increase energy which enhances physical performance, stamina and strength.  It has also been shown to help decrease inflammation, boost immune system, and helps detoxify cells.

Taurine- Most people know of Taurine from energy drinks.  This amino helps provide a calming energy boost while increasing mental focus and stamina.  It is also known to relax blood vessels, which will help increase blood flow to the areas that need it most.

B12- The energy booster!  Not only does it increase your energy levels, but it also helps decrease signs and symptoms of depression, which can greatly impact your sexual libido.

Carnitine- an amino acid that helps boost your mood and energy levels!  It also helps to increase oxygen supply to your muscles, increase blood flow and stamina, while reducing muscle soreness.

Not only will this IV drip help to increase your sexual endurance, but it will also improve your energy, overall wellness, and bring back the spark in your life.

Enhance your love life with our newest IV drip, The Hulk today! Contact one of our 4 central Florida offices today at (407) 878-2173