A dream night of fun can turn into a nightmare the next morning if alcohol leaves you feeling nauseous from a hangover. Despite using remedies found online or from friends, hangovers can continue to hamper your performance at work or school. There’s a solution for hangovers with IV hydration therapy in Orlando, FL. Our IV lounge is located around Central Florida, with offices in Lake Mary, Oviedo, Downtown Orlando, and Waterford Lakes Town Center.

IVs Are Easier and Faster to Absorb

You may not be able to eat or drink with excessive nausea from a hangover, so an IV is ideal. Even if you are able to drink, your body cannot absorb water fast enough to flush out the toxins in a timely fashion. Since injection into the blood stream is significantly faster than digestion, IVs rapidly deliver necessary nutrients and hydration agents. Hydration is pivotal in recovery, and IVs are the fastest way to become hydrated.

Treatments Include Special Boosts

IV hangover treatments have the benefit of being able to include anti-inflammatory drugs, anti-nausea agents, and stomach soothers. These supplements help treat what you feel is the worst part of your hangover when you customize your order. IV injections also replenish essential B vitamins that enhance your alcohol metabolism. Your body can be assisted in doing what it is designed to do.

IV Drips Treat the Cause

Other methods of treating hangovers are not as effective at treating the cause. Acetaminophen is becoming more worrisome by medical professionals for causing liver damage. Most “hangover foods” only treat a single symptom without actually addressing the cause. IV hydration for a hangover flushes your body and treats the problem rather than hiding the symptoms.

IVs are better when you have the option available. Luckily, IV hydration therapy in Orlando is available from Revival IV Lounge. When done by a professional, an IV drip hangover cure can help speed up your recovery. After receiving one, you’ll feel well enough to go about your day as if the night before never happened. Give us a call to get fixed up now: (407) 878-2173.