Key Ingredients

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Magnesium to help reduce inflammation

-Blend of B vitamins for energy

-Glutamine, an amino acid to help with rapid muscle repair to reduce downtime after intense training or competition

*Not all vitamins listed


You train like an athlete, why not give your body what it needs to recover like one? Our Athletic Recovery IV Drip is carefully designed to accelerate your post-training or post-competition recovery, supporting muscle repair, replenishing essential nutrients, and promoting overall athletic well-being to help get you back to peak performance in no time.  Ready to take your recovery to the next level? Schedule your Athletic Recovery IV Drip session at Revival IV Lounge today.

Who is it good for?

-Rehydration and Electrolyte Restoration: Combat dehydration and restore electrolyte balance

-Anti-Inflammatory Support: Experience relief from exercise-induced inflammation

-Energy Recharge: Replenish your energy levels to ensure you’re ready for your next athletic endeavor

Enhance Your IV Drip

-Glutathione $20+
(Reduces oxidative stress, boosts immune system, provides mental clarity, detoxifies cells, and improves skin)

-Extra Hydration $25- $35
(Flush out lactic acid)

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Revival IV Lounge

At Revival IV Lounge, it is our goal to provide safe, effective, and affordable IV therapy service to those who are passionate about their health and want to feel their best.  It is time to give your body the BEST of what it needs!  Book now to see how our IV therapy can help you!