Key Ingredients

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Taurine to lift away brain fog and enhance concentration, allowing you to tackle tasks with heightened focus and productivity

-Vitamin C to protect the brain from oxidative stress

-Glutathione to protect brain from oxidative stress, improve mental clarity, and support overall cognitive function

*Not all vitamins included in the Brain Reboot IV drip are listed


Do you have difficulty focusing? Becoming forgetful? Or feel like you always are in a constant state of brain fog? Unlock peak cognitive performance with our Brain Reboot Vitamin IV Drip.  Designed for those seeking optimal brain performance, this vitamin infusion delivers a powerful blend of nutrients to support cognitive health.  Our Brain Reboot vitamin IV drip can also help detoxify and repair your brain on a cellular level.

Elevate Your Brainpower Today!

Who is it good for?

-Individuals with demanding work schedules who require heightened focus, concentration, and cognitive performance

-Students facing academic challenges or preparing for exams can benefit from improved memory, concentration, and overall mental clarity

-Preventative measure for age related cognitive decline, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Dementia

-Those leading hectic lifestyles, balancing multiple responsibilities, and seeking a quick and efficient solution to combat mental fatigue and brain fog

Enhance Your IV Drip

-Extra Glutathione $20+
(Reduces oxidative stress,  provides mental clarity)

-Vitamin D3 injection $25
(Boost mood, improve cognition)

-CoQ10 injection $25
(Boost mental clarity)

-NAD+ $35-$65
(Ultra mental clarity enhancer, repairs damaged cells and improves cognition)

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