Key Ingredients

-Hydrating fluid

-Magnesium to assist with inflammation and decrease migraine frequency

-Blend of B vitamins. A deficiency of B6 can reduce the ability to utilize vitamin B12, which can impact migraines.

-Vitamin C may help alleviate inflammation associated with migraines, providing relief from discomfort

*Not all vitamins listed


Find Freedom from Migraines with Our Specialized Migraine Buster IV Drip Therapy.  At Revival IV Lounge we understand the disruptive nature of migraines and offer a targeted solution through our Migraine Relief IV Drip.  Experience fast and effective relief tailored to your unique needs, allowing you to regain control over your day.

Avoid the long waits, bright lights, loud noises, and expensive bill from the ER for your migraine relief. Our Migraine Buster vitamin IV is administered in our relaxing spa environment. Recline in our comfortable chairs, in your own private room, while infusing your body with hydrating fluids and vitamins known to relieve migraine symptoms naturally.

Who is it good for?

-At the first onset of migraine symptoms

-As a preventative measure for future migraines

Check out our blog post on how IV therapy can help reduce migraine symptoms!

Enhance Your IV Drip

-Anti-nausea medication $20

-Vitamin D3 shot $25
(Decrease migraine frequency)

-CoQ10 Shot $25
(Antioxidant that may support cellular energy production. Studies have explored its potential in reducing the frequency of migraines)

-Extra Hydration $25- $35

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Revival IV Lounge

At Revival IV Lounge, it is our goal to provide safe, effective, and affordable IV therapy service to those who are passionate about their health and want to feel their best.  It is time to give your body the BEST of what it needs!  Book now to see how our IV therapy can help you!