Key Ingredients

-NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide)

Don’t have 2 hours for the IV? Try our intramuscular NAD+ booster shot!


Elevate your wellness with NAD+ IV Therapy at Revival IV Lounge.  Considered the new “Fountain of Youth”, NAD+ is a coenzyme essential for cellular energy and repair, mental clarity, cognitive function, and the removal of toxins, promoting a cleaner, healthier internal environment.

This IV drip could take up to 2 hours, so please plan accordingly.  Some may experience mild discomfort with NAD+ IV therapy such as nausea, headache, or chest tightness. These symptoms decrease with a slower infusion rate. Our highly trained Registered Nurses will closely monitor you for any discomfort during your NAD+ infusion.

For more information regarding NAD+ IV Therapy and how it can benefit you, please see our blog post

Who is it good for?

-Mental Clarity and Cognitive Function: NAD+ is linked to brain health, supporting mental clarity and cognitive function

-Cellular Energy Boost: as key player in cellular metabolism, supporting the production of energy at the cellular level

-DNA Repair and Anti-Aging: NAD+ is crucial for DNA repair, and its decline is associated with aging. Experience potential anti-aging benefits as our therapy supports cellular repair mechanisms.

Enhance Your IV Drip

Customize your way.  Our medical team can help customize your drip to help you achieve your goals.

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