Key Ingredients

-Hydrating IV fluid

-Arginine to improve blood flow and help with would healing

-Vitamin C to increase collagen production and reduce inflammation

-Proline to boost collagen production and improve healing

-Glutathione to help with inflammation and detoxify cells

*Not all vitamins included in service are listed


Accelerate Recovery from surgery with our Pre/Post Op IV Therapy Drip.  We redefine surgery prep and recovery with our specialized infusion.  Our Pre/Post Op IV Therapy Drip is carefully formulated to replenish essential nutrients, boost energy levels, and support overall wellness both prior to surgery as well as during your recovery process.

Who is it good for?

-Pre-Surgery Immune System: Boost your immune system with a targeted blend of vitamins and minerals, providing additional support for your overall health

-Reduce Inflammation: Vitamins and antioxidants to specifically address post-surgery inflammation and support a faster recovery

-Wound Healing: Enhance your body’s natural healing processes with a potent blend of nutrients that promote tissue repair, reduce swelling, and alleviate discomfort

-Rapid Recovery: Our expertly crafted blend facilitates swift recovery by replenishing vital nutrients, ensuring you bounce back quickly and feel revitalized.

-Enhanced Hydration: Combat any post-surgery dehydration with our hydrating infusion, restoring balance and promoting optimal wellness

Enhance Your IV Drip

– Extra Glutathione $20+
(Reduces oxidative stress, boosts immune system,  detoxifies cells, decreases inflammation)

-NAD+ $35-$65
(Powerful co-enzyme that repairs damaged cells)

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Revival IV Lounge

At Revival IV Lounge, it is our goal to provide safe, effective, and affordable IV therapy service to those who are passionate about their health and want to feel their best.  It is time to give your body the BEST of what it needs!  Book now to see how our IV therapy can help you!