Have you been feeling down, overly stressed, or feel a lack of motivation?

Research has found that vitamin deficiency can lead to these low moods, higher feelings of stress and anxiety, and cognitive decline.

At Revival IV Lounge, our vitamin IV drips and vitamin injections can help replenish and restore to help you start feeling your best.

What vitamins are good for anxiety?

Glycine is an amino acid known for its calming effects. Glycine can help improve sleep and reduce those panicked anxiety feelings. Glycine can be administered by itself as a vitamin shot or added on to any of our IVs.

Magnesium is a mineral that plays a part in a wide variety of functions in our bodies. Not only is it good for regulating sleep and promoting calming effects, it is also great for energy, inflammation, and muscle function.

Recommended IV Drip for anxiety: Chillax IV Drip ($160)

Recommended vitamin injection for anxiety: Chill Out Shot ($35)

Vitamins to help with Depression

At Revival IV Lounge, we have several vitamins that can help with depression or low mood. One of our favorites is our Vitamin D injection. Vitamin D shots ($25) have been shown to help decrease joint pain, improve mood, decrease allergy symptoms, and boost immune system.

B12 injections ($20) are another great way to help regulate and boost your mood. A deficiency in this vitamin can lead to depression, irritability, and fatigue.

Recommended IV drip for Depression or low mood: The Hulk ($160)

Recommended vitamin injection for depression or low mood: Vitamin D ($25) or Supercharged Energy Shot ($35)

Revival IV Lounge has several IV therapy lounges located around central Florida. We offer an extensive menu of different vitamin IV drips and vitamin shots. To find the IV Lounge near you, please click here.