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All services are administered by Registered Nurses and Paramedics​​

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Hydrator $75

For when you need a little extra hydration

Energizer $99

Quick Energy boost with out the caffeine jitters and sugary crash

After Party $99

Over serve yourself last night? Our Hangover IV drip will get you back on your feet in no time!

Myers Cocktail  $125

The original vitamin IV therapy, ideal for chronic health issues & as a preventative measure.

Revitalizer $160

Our anti-aging vitamin IV therapy

that improves hair, skin and nails

Slim & Trim $160

Melt those unwanted pounds away with this potent fat burner vitamin IV therapy.

Glutathione Detox $50+

Detoxify your body, reduce free radicals, and lighten sun spots with this potent antioxidant

Detoxifier $175

This vitamin IV infusion combines potent antioxidants to assist with detoxification to help clear toxic buildup from the body.

Skin Glow $100+

Get glowing skin with hydrating fluid, Vitamin C, and higher doses of glutathione

The HULK   $160

Increase stamina, improve blood flow, and give your libido a boost!

Brain Reboot $175

Helps lift the brain fog, improve memory, and provides mental clarity

Menopause Relief $150

Relieve hot flashes, improve sleep, decrease irritability, and elevate your mood!

Migraine Buster $150

This migraine relief vitamin IV infusion packs in an anti-inflammatory and vitamins to help prevent and decrease migraine symptoms.

Super Immunity $175

Best at the first sign of sickness, before travel, pre or post surgery, or as a preventative health measure

Athletic Recovery $135

You train like an athlete, why not recover like one?

GI Health $150

Help repair GI lining, alleviate leaky gut,  and decrease inflammation

Optimum Blend $225

Members $175

When you want it all, you gotta treat yo' self!

Chillax $160

Erase the stress and anxiety away naturally with this relaxing and calming vitamin IV infusion.

NAD+ $275

Allergy Relief $135

Relieve your allergy symptoms fast with this Vitamin IV Infusion

IV Add Ons

Add any of the below to any IV treatment



Upset Stomach Relief


Zinc, Selenium, Biotin, Folic Acid, Aminos, B12, BComplex, Taurine, Glycine, Arginine, Proline, Amino Blend, MIC, OR Carnitine

$15 EACH

Add 500ml fluid


Add 1000ml fluid


Vitamin C 


Antioxidant, triggers collagen production, immunity boost



Powerful antioxidant. Slows down aging, increases energy, strengthens immune system, detoxifies, improves mental clarity, reduces effects of stress, improves skin.

*Prices and formulas subject to change

*Due to the nature of our services, no refunds are issued*

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