Menopause Relief


What's inside

Key Ingredients:

-1000 ml of fluid

-Magnesium to help with sleep as well as other menopausal symptoms such as bloating, anxiety, irritability and other mood changes.

-Blend of B vitamins. A deficiency of B6 can help make serotonin and reduce mood swings and depression common in menopause

-Folic Acid- Studies have shown significant decreases in severity, duration, and frequency of hot flashes when supplementing with folic acid


Menopause is a fact of life for many women. Some women are fortunate to only experience minor symptoms, where as others may experience some of the more severe symptoms listed below:

-hot flashes


-night sweats

-weight gain

-mood swings

-changes in libido

At Revival IV Lounge, we have a variety of vitamins that can be incorporated into your IV drip or vitamin booster shot to help relieve your menopause symptoms from low estrogen levels

Who is it good for?

-For Pre-menopausal, menopausal, or postmenopausal symptom relief

-To help balance hormones

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Recommended Add-0ns

-Vitamin D3 shot $25 (improve bone health and mood)

-CoQ10 shot $25 (reduces oxidative stress, protects the heart and brain and provides mental focus)

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